AlphAmAn2 has lAunched!


      AlphAman Attitude

         This week saw the lAunch of our 2nd,” 10 week alphAman chAllenge”, with 10 men,10 weeks and more than 10 reAsons to ignite their AlphAmAn with AlphA attitude.

What is AlphA Attitude?

Before any pre-assumptions are made of what an AlphAmAn is.Lets just firstly define what AlphA is:

Etymologically, Alpha is  the Sense of “beginning of anything”.

Beginning of igniting the true AlphA within.

  • No not the mAn who can lift the most.
  • No not the mAn who can “pick up the most”
  • No not the mAn who can drink the most beers is a “session”

The true AlphAmAn in our chAllenge is the AlphAmAn who is the Gentle-mAn.

  • Yes he does know how to “lift” a weight or two & gives it his best shot!
  • Yes he makes a presence when he walks in a room.

& he can say, “I’ll pull up after 2 beers instead of a 6 pack.


This is the AlphAmAn who aims to pursue his personal goals to gain the real 6 pack.

He makes decisions based on past experience’s to be able to evolve to be a better mAn, by making choices that are resourceful to his  true mAnly nAture.

He is the gentlemAn that still opens the door for his lady after 9 years married.


Our AlphAmAn chAllenge is something quite unique as you can see.And we are so proud that we have local support through local business’s giving their support to promote mens Health & Wellness.

Table 1, Harry’s Schnitzel Joint, Bluedoor, Solid Property & Vitology to name a few, have all jumped onboard for a great movement to promote a Healthier LIFEstyle for men,through Nutrition,Exercise,Well-Being and making better choices to set better examples of what it is to be a role model as a proud mAn in the community.


Thankyou to our sponsors for supporting the chAllenge and we look forward to keeping you updated on the men on their personal Health & Wellness journeys.

AlphAmAn trAining Merewether Beach
alphAman trAining
Merewether Beach Photo Credit- Beccy Temelkoski
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