365fuel Nutritional Programming = Lean & Mean-FAT-Burning Machine

What’s 365FUEL all about? 

365FUEL is designed to complement our Lifestyle training schedule and deliver balanced nutrition through recipes and ‘Real’ foods that Nourish, Heal and FUEL the body to perform at an optimum level.

Through our 3 specific phases of nutrition, we guarantee RESULTS in Weight-loss, Fat-loss, toning and Lean Muscle Gain, based on holistic principals to make your healthy LIFESTYLE, sustainable –  “ALL-Year-Round”!

Phase 1: LAUNCH (1-3 weeks)

Ketogenic principals = lean protein, minimal fats, no carbohyrates

  • Excess water loss – initial kilos dropped will be excess fluid, “disguised as FAT”
  • Fat-burning – fat stores are used for fuel
  • Detox & Detachment from addictive foods and substances e.g. sugars, breads and alcohol – may effect energy levels and mood
  • Detox, liver eliminates toxins and excess hormones e.g. estrogen

Phase 2: BLAST (2-4 weeks)

Ketogenic principals = lean protein, vegetables, good fats and cycled starchy carbohydrates

  • Fat stores are burned for fuel
  • Blood sugar is stabilised
  • Complete micronutrients (e.g. vitamins and minerals)
  • Energy levels increase
  • Lean muscle gain – and visible muscle definition (“JuicyAbs” signature)

Phase 3: CRUZ (Lifestyle – All Year Round)

Ketogenic principals = efficient use of specific carbohydrates

  • Replenishes glycogen stores
  • Resets the Metabolism for ‘Fat-Burning’, NOT –  ‘fat-storage’
  • Lean muscle gain
  • Healthy & maintainable body-fat percentage
  • Balanced Body & Mind = mental clarity

Below are some ‘mouth-watering’ examples of the delicious meals in our 365FUEL program, created by our “AlphAmen” in the current AlphAmAn Challenge II …..ENJOY!!!

GJ's AlphAmAn Omelet at "Table 1 Espresso"
Blast/Cruz: GJ’s AlphAmAn Omelet available at “Table 1 Espresso”
Blast and Cruz
Blast/Cruz: GJ’s Salmon Salad Special 
Blast and Cruz
Blast and Cruz: Steve’s Breakfast Burrito 
Blast or Cruz: Steve’s Smoked Salmon and Egg-white Omelet Plate
Blast and Cruz
Blast and Cruz: Paul’s packed lunch
Blast and Cruz - Deconstructed Burger Plate
Blast and Cruz: Matty’s Deconstructed Burger Plate
Blast/Cruz: Steve’s “Fit for a King” Plate
Breakfast burritos
Launch: Deano’s Breakfast Burritos – for lunch and dinner too they look so good!
cinnamon chicken
Launch: Deano’s Cinnamon Chicken
Launch: Steve’s Smoked Salmon sandwich
Launch: Steve’s Smoked Salmon Rolls
protein pancakes with sludge S.T.
Launch: Steve’s Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Sludge Sauce
turkey meatballs
Launch: Deano’s Turkey Powerballs


101 Nutrition – Macro & Micro Nutrients

­­­Macronutrients = Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat & Water

Micronutrients = Minerals and Vitamins

Macronutrients are used to fuel your body from the activities you perform outwardly to the internal factory working within your microscopic cells. Excess energy is stored for fuel to be used later in the form of fat, in fat cells.


Firstly, not all macronutrients are equal in value – each supply a different amount of calories per gram (e.g. carbohydrates 4, protein 4 and fats 9).


(SORRY ABSolutely -NO- Calorie counting here – these numbers are intended to show the value of each macro -calorie counting will be explained in a future post)


Secondly, not all macronutrients are equal, so it’s important to identify the ‘Nutrient-dense’ options recommended in 365FUEL meal programs.


6 Staples of 365FUEL
Key Macros for maintaining a healthy 365LIFEstyle – ‘All Year Round’ 🙂


1) PROTEIN (1/3 of your meal)

How much? 30-50g servings up to 6x per day (up to 200g total)

Amino acids make up protein and these are the building blocks of all our cells and assist the immune and digestive systems, repair muscle and other tissues, healthy hair skin and nails. The best options are: seafood, egg whites, protein powder, chicken and turkey, grass-pastured meats, kangaroo.



Carbohydrates are found as sugars, grains, starches and (non-starchy) vegetables. The most ‘nutrient-dense’ choices are: non-starchy vegetables: brassicas, beets, rocket, coz lettuce, asparagus, green beans, leeks, endive, cucumber, spinach, tomato, shallots, snow peas, zucchini, pumpkin, onion, fresh herbs, mushrooms, capsicum, celery.

How much? Unlimited! Aim for 80% dark leafy greens & 70-80% raw (except brassicas which are best consumed lightly cooked through).

Why? Preferred source of fuel, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


3) FAT

Fat keeps you feeling full and satisfied. Even though fat is worth double the calories than protein or carbohydrates, this will ensure you don’t overeat. The most nutrient-dense choices are: avocado, coconut (oil, meat and milk), nuts, seeds, whole eggs, olive oil, cacao, fish (omega-3).

How much? Up to 6 serves per day

Why? Part of every cell in the body, protects internal organs, also required for to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.



90% of your body is water, making this the absolute essential macronutrient you need to replenish daily.

How much? 2-4 Litres per day

Why? We are made up of water! When you body is dehydrated, it compromises your immune system and you are more likely to get sick. It is also common to mistake thirst for hunger, so always drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes before eating a meal.  Dehydration can also impact your performance – physically and mentally.  Water is required to alkalise and detoxing the body and keeping the kidneys healthy.



Essential to maintain balance of blood pH and functioning of the different systems in the body (e.g. cardiovascular, nervous etc).

For example: calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iodine.



Essential for normal health and growth and not synthesized within the body.

These include: B complex, Vitamin A,C,D, E, bioflavonoids, folate, betacarotene, biotin, choline, essential fatty acids (omega 3)


365Fuel ABSolute #1 >>>>>>> Protein with EVERY meal!!!!



So, where’s the milk & cheese you ask? ….365fuel does not recommend dairy foods as part of the 365fuel Nutrition Programming, for several reasons ….diary foods are often highly processed; contain additives, pasteurised, homogenised (making it difficult to be digested and metabolised by the body) and affect mineral absorption.

Where do we get Calcium from then? …Vegetables are an excellent source of calcium, e.g. Spinach can provide you with almost double the amount of calcium than reduced-fat-milk (calorie for calorie – if you’re counting!). And the calcium that dark leafy greens provide, includes magnesium, required for calcium absorption and bone nutrition (perfect ration of 1:1) and zinc.


What about FRUIT?  Not Essential

Did you realise that when you’re eating cucumber and avocado, you’re eating fruit?  These are also classified as ‘fruit’!  However, here we are talking about the ‘sweet’ options and these may be included (up to 2 serves per day): citrus (lemon, lime, grapefruit), kiwi fruit, berries, rock melon, peaches and cherries.  If you don’t consume any fruit at all, don’t worry, because you are not missing out on any nutrients and antioxidants your vegetables aren’t already providing! Remember, if you are struggling to balance your weight – you will see better result when you focus on consuming whole-food non-starchy vegetables, protein and fats and AVOID low-fructose fruits altogether.


Ok so what DO you eat?

Delicious omelets packed with fresh vegetables, big Juicy protein-packed salads,  colourful stir-fry’s, protein-rich smoothies, pancakes, pizza and indulgent velvety chocolate desserts.

….Too good to be true?

Nothing beats REAL AliVe FOOD!

“Good to BE AliVe!”


This dish is tasty and packed with flavour!
Moroccan Cauli-rice packed with flavour!
Mish & Ev Staple = Egg-white Pizza!
Fresh Quinoa Tabouli with salmon
An “unpacked lunch” found at COLES ….Fresh Quinoa Tabouli with salmon slices in Springwater
Sugar Snap Peas Fresh from the garden, lightly steamed and marinated in lemon and coconut oil with a sprinkle of chill flakes

Fresh Oysters

A quick un-packed lunch found at Coles
A quick “un-packed” lunch found at Coles




AlphAmAn2 has lAunched!


      AlphAman Attitude

         This week saw the lAunch of our 2nd,” 10 week alphAman chAllenge”, with 10 men,10 weeks and more than 10 reAsons to ignite their AlphAmAn with AlphA attitude.

What is AlphA Attitude?

Before any pre-assumptions are made of what an AlphAmAn is.Lets just firstly define what AlphA is:

Etymologically, Alpha is  the Sense of “beginning of anything”.

Beginning of igniting the true AlphA within.

  • No not the mAn who can lift the most.
  • No not the mAn who can “pick up the most”
  • No not the mAn who can drink the most beers is a “session”

The true AlphAmAn in our chAllenge is the AlphAmAn who is the Gentle-mAn.

  • Yes he does know how to “lift” a weight or two & gives it his best shot!
  • Yes he makes a presence when he walks in a room.

& he can say, “I’ll pull up after 2 beers instead of a 6 pack.


This is the AlphAmAn who aims to pursue his personal goals to gain the real 6 pack.

He makes decisions based on past experience’s to be able to evolve to be a better mAn, by making choices that are resourceful to his  true mAnly nAture.

He is the gentlemAn that still opens the door for his lady after 9 years married.


Our AlphAmAn chAllenge is something quite unique as you can see.And we are so proud that we have local support through local business’s giving their support to promote mens Health & Wellness.

Table 1, Harry’s Schnitzel Joint, Bluedoor, Solid Property & Vitology to name a few, have all jumped onboard for a great movement to promote a Healthier LIFEstyle for men,through Nutrition,Exercise,Well-Being and making better choices to set better examples of what it is to be a role model as a proud mAn in the community.


Thankyou to our sponsors for supporting the chAllenge and we look forward to keeping you updated on the men on their personal Health & Wellness journeys.

AlphAmAn trAining Merewether Beach
alphAman trAining
Merewether Beach Photo Credit- Beccy Temelkoski

Body Transformation

“I was always worrying about what other people thought of me, not only physically, but also as a person.

It is extremely common for weight to fluctuate up and down. But is it healthy? Look at the reasons for weight loss and gain and you will find that most of it is due to emotional attachments.

This journey that I decided to take was not about getting the ‘ideal’ body or ‘shredding’ for summer (stereo), it was 100% guided towards learning how to control my emotions and in result be a happier, healthier, more positive and resilient young woman. It was about learning to detach the mind from meeting other peoples expectations to purely focus on my inner self. This journey was about reaching contentment. I FREEKING DID IT!!!”


“Today I am celebrating new friendships, family, love, and also one of my biggest achievements of all, thanks to 365LIFEstyle/Indigifit program and the great people that have run it over 12 weeks. I lost 16kgs in that time and over the past month have had a few set backs but because of my new lifestyle I continue to build on this strength and have lost a further 3 kilos, so I’m now down 19. Feeling more motivated n stronger mentally physically emotionally, but the good feeling to I am starting to notice changes in others around me”.
more “Mind”


“I always carried excess weight and that had a big impact on how I felt when I looked in the mirror. Emotionally, I was depressed and mentally drained with no motivation.The turning point in my life finally come when joining the 365LIFEstyle & 365fuel program. I lost 5kg within the first 2 weeks.I lost a total of 20kg’s in 12 weeks and now maintain my goal weight through the tools the juicyAbs program provided”.
more “Body”