Do you Want to lose Up to 6kg in 21 days?



In just “21Days, Therese lost 7kg & 80cm!!!

Therese achieved these awesome results, whilst managing a busy lifestyle as a wife and mother of four young children, in addition to a demanding work schedule on the road.

Congratulations Therese!!! Your Commitment and Consistency in your training and Nutrition (“365Fuel Nutrition” Program) has served you well!



Winner: 21Day Challenge (July 2017), Therese Laverty.



21 DAY CHALLENGE (2015) Winner

>> Rhiannan Gilbert <<

Rhiannan is our youngest 21Day Challenge participant! Rhiannan lost 6kg & 40cm (waist,hips,navel). These amazing results were achieved through regular exercise (three times a week) paired with eating healthy wholefoods from our “365Fuel Nutrition” Program. She now enjoys more energy, balanced moods and feels amazing!



Our 2015 “Shedding the Light” 21day chAllenge was HUGE success!

The 3656LIFEstyle aims in finding  “balance” in all aspects of the body (mentally,physically,spiritually). Although the weight-loss is a satisfying achievement; we have found from experience that when we start to restore health through awareness of food i.e. (habits,behaviour,attachments etc). The choices you start to make eliminate any toxicity that maybe obstructing your body’s sufficiency.

We had amazing results in little time and although it came down to the wire and only one person could be named 21day chAllenge champ,all participants were winners that signed on.

Thankyou to all of you and we look forward to helping you on the rest of your health & fitness journey.



Bree,Fi & our Minions at the Speerspoint Farmers Markets, coming together to support the beautiful fresh produce as part of one our family fun day’s, during the “21day chAllenge”.

















“21Day ChAllenge”

If you are interested in our next “21day chAllenge” please click the link below or simply fill out your enquiry details in the ‘Sign me up’to the right.Follow a few easy steps & we will be in contact with you. ==><==

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